Distant Healing: Myth, Magic or Miraculous

Distant Healing has often been referred to as remote or distant prayer, or absent healing. It is very simply defined as the process of sending healing Qi over a distance to someone who is not in the healer’s physical presence. The term that I use to define this process is ‘Distant Medical Qigong Therapy’, as this best describes the type of comprehensive approach that I use in all my distant healing sessions.

Distant Healing has a rich tradition as a part of the spiritual and healing practices of many different cultures around the world.  These successes have shown that not only does distant healing work, but also that the distance between the healer and the patient makes no difference whatsoever, whether its 50 feet, 50 miles or 5,000 miles. 

In his book The Way of Qigong, Ken Cohen gave an example of ancient distant healing: “One of the earliest known practitioners of distant healing was a Chinese shaman named Zhu You,……he practiced a form of distant healing, and preferred it to the use of acupuncture and herbs to treat illness. Zhu You was so successful in his distant healing that the Yellow Emperors Classic states that in those times, most illnesses were treated according to the methods of Zhu.” 

In modern times there is much research that proves that distant healing works. Dr. Larry Dossey has personally compiled over 130 studies on the power of distant healing prayer and is convinced that it works:
“After scrutinizing this body of data for almost two decades, I have come to regard it as one of the best kept secrets in medical science. I’m convinced that the distant, non local effects are real, and that healing happens.”
Dr Larry Dossey

Swami Sivananda, (1887 – 1963) who I consider to be among the greatest Yogi’s of the 20th century, was an author of more than three hundred books on Yoga and health, and a medical doctor before renouncing worldly life for the spiritual path, strongly believed in the power of distant healing:
“ Have a mental image (visualized intention) that the prana is leaving your mind, passing through space, and is entering the system of the patient…The prana travels unseen like radio waves and flashes like lightning across space and is colored by the thought of the healer.” (imbued with a healing intention)
Swami Sivananda

Dr Edgar Mitchell a former astronaut and module pilot of Apollo 14 in its mission to the moon, and the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, (IONS) personally told me and has publicly stated that he believes that he was healed of kidney cancer through distant healing.


Harry Edwards (1893 – 1976) who I believe was the greatest public healer of
the 20th Century, passionately believed in the power of both contact and distant healing. His Spiritual Healing Sanctuary in England not only became world known for his contact healing work, but it also became a world center of distant healing success. In 1974 it was receiving between nine thousand and eleven thousand letters (not emails!) requesting distant healing a week, and from its opening in 1948 to 1974 it was estimated to have received and answered 14,000,000 healing requests.
“It can be truly said that Distant Healing will become the most potent healing factor for the future. If one accepts the truth that patients suffering from medically incurable conditions can be cured solely through Distant Healing, we establish the foundation for a healing revelation of the greatest magnitude.”
Harry Edwards

My wife Chrissie and I visited his Spiritual Healing Sanctuary a few years ago and we were overwhelmed by the wonderful atmosphere of the room in which he did his healing work. We respectfully sat down to take in some of the healing energy, which still permeated the walls, seats and filled the room, but we could only stay a short time as we felt like intruders into this incredibly powerful, yet delicate atmosphere. Later, when we were sitting in the lovely gardens of the property we both looked at each other and smiled, both feeling the healing that we had received in our short, but memorable visit.

There are many theories about how distant healing works and my personal beliefs and technique are centered around a few key points:

  1. Our inherent interconnectedness to each other, and to everything else in the universe.
  2. The concept of non local mind/consciousness.
  3. Establishing and strengthening a link between the healer and the patient.
  4. An effective technique.
  5. Enhancing our healing abilities.

Today I will focus on our inherent interconnectedness to each other, and to everything else in the universe as well as the concept of non local mind/consciousness.

Distant healing works because of inherent interconnectedness to each other and to everything else in the universe. Human consciousness is united and connected, it only appears to be separate.

Everything and everyone came from this one Divine Source, which is a part of and shines through and behind everything in creation. Everything we will ever see, touch, smell, taste or hear is this Divine life, nothing can exist outside of it. In a recent class I looked out at the fifty people and knew that shining behind those eyes is the very same Spirit that shines behind mine, that the perception of separation was only an illusion.

This idea is not a new one, it has been expressed in many different ways, even from the time of the Vedas, which are thought to be the oldest records of eastern wisdom on earth, with an oral history attributed to 8000 years, and a written history of at least 3,500 years, also teaches that separation of the individual is an illusion.

Today Quantum physics, a branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta, explains our interconnectedness to each other and how the intentions of one part can instantly affect another part, regardless of the distance between them. At the quantum level there is no difference between ‘here’ and ‘there’.

The Native American language of the Cree has one word, ‘Mamaweska’, which expresses this concept of oneness very well. It means “our universal connection to everyone and everything”

Non Local Mind/Consciousness
Our consciousness is not trapped within our brain.

The evidence has never been greater that consciousness can act outside of the body mind, defying the constraints of time and space. Non local mind means that it can’t be confined to specific points in time and space. It means that, in some sense, our consciousness in infinite, boundless, limitless and immortal.

In spite of this, most people feel that the mind and the brain are one and the same, - that mind is somehow trapped within the brain. When we think or visualize or receive inspiration, they believe that it is some kind of chemical reaction within the brain. How many times have we seen someone tap their head to indicate that they are thinking?

There is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation, which is a part of a type of mind training called ‘logong’. The purpose of this practice is for the meditator to try to determine the location of ‘mind’ or consciousness. The meditator soon learns that wherever he or she puts their mind, inside the brain, above the head, in the heart center or off into space, consciousness and awareness follow, and that interestingly there is always another part of their mind consciousness, which I call the ‘watcher,’ that sees all of this happening! This illustrates what is said in the ‘Diamond Sutra of Buddha,’ that consciousness is not in any one place, is not limited within our physical body and brain, and that it is indeed boundless and infinite.

“This unimaginable Cosmic Intelligence is present at every spot in the Universe, and our whole personality - ego, mind, intellect and all - is but an infinitely small bubble blown on this boundless ocean”
Gopi Krishna, Indian Mystic

How does all of this relate to Distant Healing?
When we combine the realizations of our oneness with each other and the fact that our consciousness is boundless and without limits, with the Chinese energetic concept that ‘where mind goes, energy follows’, we can see that once we able create a conscious link with another part of this ‘One Life’ we are instantly able to effect it. If our intention is one of healing, if our heart is fully engaged and our technique is good, then the conditions are in place for healing to happen on one level or another. Sometimes if conditions are just right, so called miracles are possible.

The purpose of distant healing, like contact healing, is to strive to bring an energetic balance and revitalization to the body/mind system of the patient, to enable healing to happen and good health to be restored.

As I mentioned that a part of the distant healing process is to consciously create a link with the intended recipient, it is worth noting that there are many ways to do this, some more effective than others. The most powerful magnetic link that we have with anyone is the one with our mothers, and conversely mothers with their children. Maybe this is why even when our mother has passed on to the spirit planes, her love and care is still easily felt and always will hold a special place in our hearts.

A couple of examples of studies done combining the concepts of non local mind and our interconnectedness:

  • In one test in the old Soviet Russia which was conducted between two cities over 1000 miles apart, a person in one location was able to mentally project their consciousness and cause the test subject to fall asleep or awaken. In another double blind experiment a researcher was able to significantly effect the eating behavior of mice, 1700 miles away.
  • American researcher Dr. William Braud, during his research at the ‘Mind Science Foundation’, conducted dozens of experiments over fifteen years on the “direct mental influence of living systems”, that conclusively demonstrated that it is possible for one person to mentally effect another, both directly, and from a distance. These tests included the ability to remotely effect a persons state of relaxation blood pressure, and positively increased their overall health, vitality and sense of well being.

“So swift and quick a runner and messenger is the imagination, that is doth not only fly out one house into another, out of one street into another, but also most swiftly passes from one city and one country to another.”
Paracelsus, Sixteenth century mystic and alchemist

I teach distant healing as a part of my Medical Qigong Therapy Level 1 workshop, and also offer distant healing to anyone who would like to receive healing but are unable to do so because of the limitations of their illness, or because they do not have access to transportation, or live on the other side of the globe, or simply because they prefer to remain at home.

In my distant healing work, I apply the same concentrated focus and personal care as I move through the healing session, as I do when a person is in the healing room with me. The major difference is that, rather than working directly on your body, I focus the healing through a surrogate. This may be a model of the human body, your photograph, or a visualized representation of you. Additional healing modalities, such as the use of a color-healing lamp, may also be used if appropriate.

“ While I was in the middle of some difficult health challenges, my girlfriend recommended that I try Distant Healing from someone that she said had been of great help to her. I contacted Gary and felt a great connection. While he never promised anything, being very compassionate yet grounded; I still felt an inner confidence that he would be able to help. After four treatments I felt so much better I was amazed, also my inner vitality has returned. Thanks Gary, I never hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Robert T., Denver Colorado

May abundant healing Qi be yours!


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