A New Years Message From Swami Sivananda

Happy New Year!

May the eternal Blessings of the Divine fall upon your heads, penetrate your hearts, and remain as your constant companion and guiding Light, on this and all your days.

The following is a “New Years Message” from on of my favorite teachers, Swami Sivananda Saraswati, I hope you enjoy it.

My very best to you,

New Year's Message 

Swami Sivananda Saraswati:

"Time rolls on. New becomes old, and old becomes new again. Today is the most auspicious New Year's Day. God has given you another chance this year to strive for your salvation. Today man is. Tomorrow he is not. Therefore avail yourself of this golden opportunity, struggle hard and reach the goal of life. Make the best use of every moment of this New Year. Unfold all latent faculties.   

Here is a chance to begin life anew, to grow and evolve and become a superhuman or a great dynamic Yogi.

On this glorious New Year's day, make a strong resolve to wipe away all the old worldly conditioning, limiting mental tendencies and bad impressions within the mind. 

Swami Sivananda

Know the value of time. Time is most precious. Utilize every second profitably. Live every moment of your life for the realization of your ideal and goal. Do not procrastinate. That "tomorrow" will never come. Its now, or never. Abandon idle gossiping. Kill egoism, laziness and inertia. Forget the past. A glorious and brilliant future is awaiting you.

Equal vision is the touchstone of knowledge. Unselfishness is the touchstone of virtue. Brahmacharya is the touchstone of ethics. Oneness is the touchstone of Self-realization. Humility is the touchstone of devotion. Therefore, be unselfish, humble and pure. Develop equal vision. Be in tune with the Infinite.

Truth is the seed. Non-violence is the root. Meditation is the shower. Peace is the flower. Salvation is the fruit. Therefore, speak the truth, practice non-violence and meditation. Cultivate Peace. You will attain the final emancipation or freedom from the trammels of births and deaths, and enjoy Eternal Bliss. 

Be thou a Spiritual warrior of Truth. Put on the armor of discrimination.  Wear the shield of dispassion. Hold the flag of Dharma. Sing the song of Soham or Sivoham. March boldly with the band of Pranava-Om Om Om. Blow the conch of courage. Kill the enemies of doubt, ignorance, passion and egoism and enter the illimitable kingdom of blissful Brahman. Possess the imperishable wealth of Atma. Taste the Divine immortal essence. Drink the nectar of Immortality.

May this bright New Year's Day, and all the succeeding days of this year and all the days of the year, and all the future years also bring you all success, peace, prosperity and happiness. 

May you all tread the path of Truth and righteousness. May you enjoy the eternal bliss of the Absolute, leading a Divine life, singing the Lord's name, sharing what you have with others, serving the poor and the sick, and melting the mind in silent meditation in the Supreme Self."

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